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Rob Phoenix
A decade of weddings, portraits and commercial

Over 10 years experience in wedding, portrait and commercial photography, from big trucks to babies, I've shot a lot and used all the different skills I've acquired to keep pushing myself and my wedding photography.
A journalistic, reportage approach incorporating product and portrait photography, utilising training gained from the forces for movement and cover (its a different kind of shooting 🙂 ) always aware, always anticipating. I love those natural moments that you capture when no one knows you're there.
I'm loud when i need to be (group photos) and a ninja when not, love banter, its relaxed not posed I'm after, that's why synchronicity is the most important thing to me, making your photo's awesomeness... Naturally

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Reflections, silhouettes, perfect lines and big open spaces. The sun and the rain, they both have their beauty and both can be photographers nightmare. (click below to see what I mean)

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    Big open spaces
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my most favourite photo ever

This photo was taken as the bride got inside a London taxi cab outside the church, I caught a glimpse of the groom smiling in the reflection, I asked to pause time for a second and this was the result only a little touch up of mocha in Photoshop, this is one of my favourites in the 10 years I've been a full time wedding photographer.

Leave something to the imagination, use the dark as well as the light; if the light is too strong, improvise, look at it from another angle, its all in the approach. This was taken on a free pre shoot, an overhanging bush, just right for a little bit of romance.

wedding photography big open space

I love that feeling of being a grain of sand in the comparison of time.
Incorporating landscape photography into wedding photography melds epic beauty with once in a lifetime love.

shooting into the sun

I love shooting into the sun (warning! looking into direct sunlight might cause harm) but a controlled use of flare can make a kissy kissy shot go wow!


There's an old saying 'If it rains on your wedding day, you'll be together forever' I hope this is true. I've done many a wedding when its raining but always been lucky enough that there's a break to do the family photos.
The rain has its own beauty, it brings colours alive, gives concrete texture and depth, puddles for reflections and distortion on windows.
It really is how you look at it.

Grow my Portfolio
I've just come back to live in Leicester after being a photographer for 10 years on the Gower Peninsula, Wales. I'm expanding my portfolio in Leicester so would like to offer a 20% reduction in price to the first 10 couples that book with me. Just message me and ask.
*T&C apply